About Terry

I love to bake …. growing up in a large family, there was always dessert! Mostly the good old southern stuff! Cobblers and Pies made with the fruit of the seasons. Coffee Cakes, Pound Cakes and Muffins, were available when times were lean. Then on special occasions, my all time favorites … Chocolate Cake and Nannies Coconut Cake!

I learned to bake on the apron strings of my mom and Mamaw. I remember the happy hums of baking bliss and oh my….. the heavenly scents, waiting and watching through the tiny oven window hardly able to wait for it to cool enough to taste!

My baking itch continued throughout my adult years while raising two boys, but truly came to fruition when I neared my retirement years. Moving to the upstate mountains of South Carolina, into our forever home, I found local farms with garden to table fruits of the season that just lent itself to home baking. My Mother and Mother in law gifted me boxes and boxes of handwritten heirloom recipes. Perusing through these recipes brought back fond memories that I was compelled to share with others. This is how Baked By Terry came about. With beloved recipes in hand…one could not help but be inspired to create delectable desserts with tender care and desire to bring out the best of our local fare and my old family favorites.

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