Lemon Pound Cake

Made with fresh lemon zest in the batter and the glaze. This cake is good on the day it’s baked but better the day after and the day after that, if it last that long! 30.00

Peanut Butter Pound Cake 

This pound cake is a peanut butter lovers delight. Made with premium peanut butter, crunchy or smooth…. your choice. You can pick your icing too. Topped with chopped Reese’s Cups and drizzled with Chocolate Sauce 30.00 ( 35.00 with Icing)

Cream Cheese Pound Cake

Made with Philadelphia Cream Cheese and a little extra Love thrown in. Taste like a cheese cake, creamy and light! 30.00 (35.00 with Icing)

Chocolate Pound Cake

One of my favorites! Who doesn’t like Chocolate? When you are craving Chocolate this cake is a must. Perfect Chocolate treat at the end of a hard day …. with a cold glass of milk. Sweet Dreams guaranteed!  30.00 (35.00 with Icing)

Five Flavor Pound Cake 

With Icing or Glaze… this cake is full of flavor and melt in your mouth texture. An old upstate favorite with hints of butter, lemon, coconut, rum and vanilla. It is a must have for any occaision or just because! 30.00 (35.00 with Icing)

Walnut Pound Cake 

A definite Fall favorite. Chocked full of chopped walnuts and butter flavored batter. On a cold night in front of a warm fire…. this cake will warm the soul! 30.00 

Strawberry Buttermilk Pound Cake 

Anytime of year,  this Cake is a crowd pleaser. Full of Strawberry goodness inside and topped with a Strawberry Glaze! It could be used in the Ultimate Strawberry Short Cake….. ohhh Can’t you just taste it now! 30.00

Nanny’s Coconut Cake 

This recipe has been in my husband’s family for over 100 years. Passed down to me from my Mother in Law. Made with White Mountain frosting and fresh coconut. 35.00 add fruit filling for 40.00

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Icing

Truly a Chocolate lovers dream! Made only with Hershey Cocoa. This two layer moist cake is filled with creamy chocolate butter cream and with old-fashioned Chocolate Icing! 30.00

Golden Layer Cake 

2 layer, moist yellow cake. A classic favorite. Topped and filled with your choice of Icing. Chocolate, Vanilla, Lemon or Strawberry . Perfect for any occasion. 30.00

Peanut Butter Layer Cake

Calling all Peanut butter lovers…. this cake is made for you! We fancied it up for you with some pretty piping and Reece’s Cups on top.  Your choice of Peanut butter or Chocolate Icing! 40.00

Fresh Strawberry Layer Cake 

Strawberry puree is in the batter, strawberry filling between the layers, covered with Cream Cheese icing and topped off with strawberry halves! Truly the signs of summer cake! Local Strawberries are used , when available. Nothing says Hello Summertime like a Fresh Strawberry Layer Cake! Your choice of Vanilla or Cream Cheese Frosting! 40.00  

 Gem Cake

Lighter than a Pound Cake yet denser than a Chiffon Cake. This sweet, melt in your mouth cake is so versatile.  Use it for Strawberry Shortcake,  Fill the hole with Chocolate then iced with Chocolate, sliced in three layers and filled with lemon yogurt or lemon curd and iced with Cool whip  Any way you have it I guarantee it will become your favorite Cake! 25.00

Carrot Cake 

This cake has all the love ! Tender sweet carrots, warm cinnamon, and pecans! Covered in your choice of Rich Butter Cream or Cream Cheese Icing! 40.00

German Chocolate Cake

Definitely for the Chocolate lovers. This rich cake is an all time favorite, with the moist dark chocolate layers with the coconut and pecan filling…. this entire cake is covered with a rich dark chocolate icing. A favorite amongst the men in my family, but hey guys we like it too! 40.00

Italian Cream Cake

Chocked full of Pecans and Coconut…. what more cold you ask for….. this cake hits all the spots! Light and fluffy Cream Cheese Icing completes this huge three layer delicacy. Bring backup, unless you’re like me…. I’ll take a hunk please… no need for those tiny slices. 45.00

Red Velvet Cake 

Velvet is the perfect title for this all time classic dessert cake. It is ideal for a birthday or the hollidays. Covered in Cream Cheese Icing and topped with finely chopped pecans. 30.00

Devil’s Food Cake 

This devilish two layer cake is rich and moist. Made with Starbucks dark roast coffee and can be iced to your liking. This cake is a perfect ending to an elegant meal or at a picnic! You can even eat it for breakfast…. I do! ( don’t tell my mom…) 40.00

Hummingbird Cake 

A definite Southern Favorite! Imagine a Charleston Picnic and see this cake sitting on the dessert table. A perfect blend of pineapple, bananas and pecans. Wrapped in a Cinnamon and nutmeg batter and rich cream cheese frosting…… oh my goodness…. you’ll sure to say… ” that’s good Y’all”!!!  40.00

Chocolate Candy Cake

Perfect cake for Halloween, Thanksgiving or just because! My Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Butter Cream hugged by KitKats and topped with Reese’s Pieces ! Watch your kids faces light up at this sweet treat!  50.00

Whoopie Pies

Our Family’s traditional Gob Cake, made in individual yummies. Soft Chocolate cake cookies filled with heavenly rich white cream filling. It is guaranteed to receive “Whoopie” cries from your family or guests! 30.00 for 8 large or 12 small

Cinnamon Rolls 12 ct.

Best homemade cinnamon rolls around. My Mama always said…. don’t skimp on the good stuff. These rolls are light and flakey with tons of gooey love. Now you can have your Cinnamon Rolls customized… your choice of any combination of Pecans, Raisins, Cream cheese Iced, White Iced…… 30.00

Mammaw’s Cobblers (Blackberry, Peach, Apple)  (*)

Made with fresh local fruits from nearby farms. This cobbler is like a warm hug from your Grandma. Which is exactly where this recipe came from! Even though it is only offered seasonally… it is worth the wait. 30.00

German Chocolate Pecan Pie 

A new twist on a Pecan Pie. This one is a must try. Made with Belgian Chocolate,  fresh Coconut and Local Pecans. If you like German Chocolate Cake you’re gonna love this Rich and Tasty Pie! This is a 10″ deep dish delicacy!  30.00

Mile High Apple Pie  

Granny Smith apples are the star of this spectacular pie. 5 whole pounds of apples in one Mile high pie! Just add Ice Cream 30.00

Peach and Blueberry Pie (*)

Seasonal perfect pairing! This pie is packed full of sweet peaches and blueberries. Topped with a pretty Lattice crust. Seasonal only. 25.00

Pumpkin Pie

Borrowed this recipe from the hubby. Jim’s been making this pie for us every year. He finally shared this light and creamy, delectable recipe with me! Of course I had to add my special touch and fancy up the crust with simple designs and fun touches. This pie is the best I’ve ever eaten! Deep dish and fabulous!  8 “…. 20.00  / 9 1/2″  deep dish….. 30.00

Southern Pecan Pie 

A favorite during the fall, but at our house it is perfect all year-long. This is a deep dish Pecan Pie that will soon become a Family Favorite. 25.00

German Chocolate Pecan Pie

All the flavors of a German Chocolate Cake in a pie. This is a large 10″ deep dish. Ooey Gooey love!….. 30.00

(*) Available in season only

There is a 7.00 Delivery fee for all deliveries. Pick up available at 412 Ashley Avenue Greenville, SC 29609.

All Layer Cakes are available in cupcake form…. 20.00 per dozen